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The Cars

Go Racing Motorsport

Our Evo IV is a tribute to Richard Burns’ 1998 Group A rally car, which took first place in the 1998 Safari rally in East Africa (a notoriously challenging and prestigious event). The car has been made to look as close to the original Ralliart specification. Our car, however, will have more power from a fully rebuilt engine whilst maintaining highly responsive handling thanks to a limited slip deferential and restored suspension. All this, combined with its four wheel drive powertrain will give you the race of your life.

Model: Evo 4 Richard Burns Charisma GT Group A rally car tribute

Power: 2000 Turbo-Charged 450BHP

Go Racing Motorsport

In 2000, the Mazda MX5 was declared the bestselling 2 seat sports car in history, and it has also proved its’ capabilities on the race track. We have a Mk 1 MX5 that has been stripped out for maximum lightness and set up for a career in the BRSCC MX5 championship. Despite its lower power output than our other cars, its lightweight construction, combined with a balanced rear wheel drive layout proves for thrilling motorsport experience.

Model: MX5 Mk1 BRSCC MX5 Championship Race Car

Power: 1600 Naturally Aspirated 105BHP

Rear Wheel Drive

Go Racing Motorsport

The Clio 182 was an evolution of the Clio Mk 2. Its 2 litre dual overhead cam engine combined with front wheel drive weight distribution allows for immense cornering speeds. This driving characteristic enables the Clio to keep up with many higher powered alternatives. Our Clio has had a career in the 750 Motor Club Clio 182 championship, proving it a capable of providing a front wheel drive motorsport experience.


Model: Renault Clio RS 182 750 Motor Club K-Tec Racing Clio 182 Championship Race Car

Power: 2000 Naturally Aspirated 180BHP

Front Wheel Drive

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