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Please allow plenty of time to attend the drivers briefing given by each race circuit, this is a requirement if you wish to drive on the day.

Go Racing Motorsport Team will introduce the instructors, cars and run through any health and safety issues, local track rules and regulations.

With the green light the day begins and as the first driver is coming back into the pits The Go Racing Motorsport Team will be briefing the next driver and getting them ready so the changeover is as quick as possible thus allowing even more on track time.

Homemade food and soft drinks will be made available throughout the day.

A video of your day will be forwarded onto you to remind you of the experience.

Go Racing Motorsport Team will be on hand throughout the whole experience.

Our lead technician John Shields will be there for the whole day to sort out any issues with the cars and to offer any advice for the next budding race star.